Back to Dublin via Italy, France, Switzerland

sottotitolo: L’estate é finita… Summer ended So the adventure comes to an end. After the 3,880km (2,100 miles) of the first part of the trip, the return to Ireland recorded “only” 2,650 km (or 1,650 miles) due to the fact we did a more straight line via Italy-Switzerland-France, not touching also Spain and Andorra asContinua a leggere “Back to Dublin via Italy, France, Switzerland”

Dublin to Lecce: dd 3&4 Bordeaux to Perpignan 970km

Our third day started with a relatively short and easy traject from Bordeaux to Donostia SanSebastian in Basque country (230 motorway mainly for just more than 2 hours).Under a constant heat wave, luckily our Giulia air conditioning works well.This gives us time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of those days.In the beautiful Basque city weContinua a leggere “Dublin to Lecce: dd 3&4 Bordeaux to Perpignan 970km”

Dublin to Lecce: Brittany to Bordeaux

After 18hrs ferry, with the cabins convincing me more and more eating only free range chickens (since cages are so smalll) we debarqued in Cherbourg to go straingh to the always charming Mont St Michel where we wandered for a good couple of hours.Next destination Saint Malo, fortress city mostly destroyed during WW2 but rebuiltContinua a leggere “Dublin to Lecce: Brittany to Bordeaux”

2nd Meet Up ALFA ROMEO Ireland Group

It took a bit of time to write about this second meet up we had on the 27th September. The atmosphere of this semi lock down is slowing down thoughts, behaviours, and hopefully also a bit this fuc…COVID19. I’d have liked adding some in motion pictures & video of my Veloce but the road toContinua a leggere “2nd Meet Up ALFA ROMEO Ireland Group”

Arriving home (in Ita)

LAST DAY 29 JUNCirca 850kmLa via Adriatica da Bologna a Lecce passando per Loreto.Una bella traversata con una sosta nel Santuario di Loreto.Non abbiam trovato molto traffico per fortuna, eccetto 3-4 tratti do 10/15km.Una bella sorpresa: una Giulia Veloce rossa ha condiviso un pezzo di strada con Italia la vendono con quattro ruote motrici.FinisceContinua a leggere “Arriving home (in Ita)”

Entering Italy

4 Giorno: Bellinzona Bologna 324km via San Gottardo 17km.Prima di tutto bisogna ringraziareMasaru Ibuka, Akio Morita della Sony e Steve Jobs per I complementi necessari al nostro viaggio: senza Nintendo e iPad i quasi 2000km fatti sarebbero pesati molto di piu ai bambini. E devo ringraziare Alfa romeo ogni giorno che il Signore manda sullaContinua a leggere “Entering Italy”


Day 3 – 27th julyCountries touched: 4 (+ bonus Germany underground tunnel near Basel)Km: just around 300 with over 1650 tot (I excluded sea traits on the ferries)The trip is progressing nice & smoothly with Giulia and family 😀We woke up in France, visited Switzerland and ended up almost in Italy (Canton Ticino).Colmar Basel wasContinua a leggere “GIORNO 3 DAY 3”