Canterbury tale…

My tale starts in Canterbury …no actually this is just to remind the famous book and it is where we are now, celebrating my son birthday in a traditional bar serving proper English breakfast. And, seemingly, the only one opened in the otherwise sleeping city of the oldest Christian cathedral in England.
Our trip started exactly 12 hours ago in Dublin port. I passed by there few times but never entered in the piers.
The ferry was very big ! I did not expected a 7 floors building floating in the green / blue waters of my auld Dublin. I thought about a smaller boat.
First important thing I did not suffer sea sickness: A good start of the trip!
Once arrived at midnight in Holyhead my Giulia drive smoothly away from the port under a drizzling rain: guess will need to wait another day for meeting the summer.
I put a selection of song in one of the USB ports (even if I miss a bit the CD)
and after a while Cindy Lauper “I drove all night” seemed rather appropriate for the sleepless driving night on the wet Welsh roads were all UK, Irish and European trucks never stops at the bends of the road.
The engine responded well to the necessary extra power to distantiate the bisons of the street …
After 3 coffees and some face wash in the service stations here are we in front of the Cathedral!
The first 12 hours of our Euro trip started promisingly 😀

Canterbury Cathedral

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